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Hi there!

My name is Christiana and I’m a Cypriot mom who recently moved to Graz with my German partner and our little son - who’s turning one in March.

Since my German is not that good, I’m looking for other international parents who would like to connect and spend some time together - for playdates, walks etc.

My mother tongue is Greek, and I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. I can understand German quite well - but speaking is still a challenge 😅 If anyone out there is interested to connect, I would be happy to meet up!

PS: We live in Andritz!



  • Hi Christiana, almost the same here :) We (spanish/german and two small kids) live in Graz since three years, but are still looking for new friends with children (wasn't easy due to covid in the last years to get to know someone). We live in Eggenberg but are quite flexible to go anywhere in Graz via public transport. The younger just turned one and the older is 2 1/2. We really like to go to playgrounds :) Would you like to meet? Anna
  • @An_na In St. Peter we have this meeting point for spanish people:
    I haven‘t been there, because I‘m not spanish, but thought you might like it.
  • Hi Anna,

    great to hear from you - and to see that there are other parents in a similar situation 😅 I can imagine that it was not easy moving to a new place in the middle of the pandemic!

    I would love to meet up & get to know you and the children! We are also quite flexible regarding a place to meet. We dont know many playgrounds yet but now that the weather is getting better and our son is turning one it’s the perfect time to get to know some 😊

  • @Oceanholic - thats a good tip, thanks for sharing! Im not Spanish either but im quite fluent and I would love to keep practicing so I might check out the meeting 😊
  • Hello :) I am austrian, but I used to live in Ireland and Switzerland before getting pregnant so I am would love to connect with english speakers, especially since I would love my little one to get used to english as well :)

    She is turning 1 this week by the way and we are living close to Murpark :)

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