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Expat-Moms @ BabyForum.at (English Topic)

Hi everyone,

I would like to open this topic for all expat moms who live in Austria with their family. This topic could serve as a meet and great area and to discuss the one or the other expat related questions, events, meetings and so on.

Feel welcome, say hello (so others can find you) and let's keep this topic alive so new people can find their way here.

Let's have a great time,


  • Hello! Very good idea this topic:) I have been finding something like this many weeks so this was great:)

    I´m mother with 5months old babyboy. We live in Salzburg because my husband works here. We are from Finland. In Finland i was working as lecturer. But this moment i love to be at home with my boy:)

    It would be nice have this kind of forum where we could share ideas and ask something and maybe someday have a meeting:)

    Cheers, Elina ja Viljo-baby
  • Hello ladies!
    I would love to hear from/ meet other expat moms in the area. I am actually living just across the border in Germany (about 15min drive from Salzburg). I'm from the US. My husband is German and we have a 19mos daughter. Haven't met very many people here and as a stay-at-home mom, things get a bit lonely (doesnt help that I dont yet have a driver's license). Hope to hear from others!

    Cheers xx
  • Hi Mädels,
    I would love to meet some moms from Salzburg area :) summer is commmmming and we can spent some time outside together! i am from czech republic, living in Salzburg (Grödig) and I have 6 months old baby boy :) bye B
  • Hello, I would like to meet with you and practice my English. :-) I have a 4 month old baby girl and am living in Pongau. That is about 50 km away from Salzburg. I am planning on visiting Salzburg at least once a week now that spring is comming. :-) How can I get in contact with you? Greetings.
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