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Best Government Child Birth Hospital in Wien

Hello Everyone,

This is my first pregnancy. I dont know how to decide about the best hospital in Vienna.
My main concern is language. I dont speak German and I have SVA insurance.
We are thinking about St. Josesph or Semmelweis Frauenklinik.
I hope doctors or midwifes speak English.
Could you please share your experience about these 2 hospital? It will really help me.
Or some points which will help us to decide one of them.

Thank you so much. God bless you all.


  • IreneGIreneG


    edited 10. 08. 2017, 17:34
    @godgift when are you due? As far as I know you have to get in contact with St. Joseph hospital as soon as possible (6 th -8th week of pregnancy at latest)

    Friend of mine gave birth there and will do so again. She talks positively about that hospital ans many others recommended it to me too.
  • 15March2018. And doctor told us to book the hospital as soon as possible. I am currently in 9 week.
  • I don't have information about the quality of Semmelweis Clinic but afaik it will become a part of the new Krankenhaus Nord. Therefore In would recommend to get in contact with St. Joseph of they still take you as a patient.
  • Oh and all the best and congratulations for your pregnancy!
  • I think you wont really have a langugage problem. Most doctors and many midwives will speak english quite well.

    St Joseph has a good reputation for being a cozy hospital, strongly promoting natural birth, breast feeding etc. They do not have a pediatrician in the house at all times, though, and also have no baby ICU. Meaning, if something happens, it would take longer until the baby receives full medical help than it would in a hospital with ICU, like Rudolfstiftung or Wilhelminenspital. Also, if the baby would need to be treated in an ICU, it would have to be transferred to another hospital. Whether you would be able to be transferred along with your baby would depend on the condition you are in. Right after a C-cection probably not, for example.

    If those points are not a priority for you, St Jospeh is probably a good choice for you :-)
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